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EFFECTIVENESS. Nationwide coverage and high frequency.

Cityscape™ provides mass coverage nationwide. 2,500 B-Stop® and 6,890 faces in 43 cities including 20 top cities reach to more than 928 millions cumulative audience during a 2-week campaign.

928mcomulative audience

EXCLUSIVITY. Unique and exclusive presence in a public land.

As the only one large-sized advertising panel allowed in a public land, Cityscape™ presents effective communication touchpoints for every advertiser. No ad-cluttered environment can catch exclusive attention from active consumers walking in the street weekdays and weekends.

PERFECTION. Maintenance for quality first.

Our business model, invented by Jean-Claude Decaux in 1964, is to finance our services through advertising. But not just any advertising: when we invented the 2m2format, we proved that effective advertising was not just a matter of scale. Focusing on quality of the location of the street furniture design offers the best impact and environment for brand communication.

PREMIUM LOCATION. Best in centers of 43 cities.

The urban population consists of diverse and valuable audiences, known to be affluent and well-informed; from C-suite decision-makers to tech-aware, trend-setting young professionals, from shoppers to connected influencers. These audiences have different lifestyles but they take repeated journeys around the city. Whether during a commute or the evening shop, they spend a large part of their day in the Active Space; in a positive mindset and receptive to visual communication. Urban audiences have a special relationship with out-of-home media (OOH) because it is a natural part of their environment. Timely and relevant OOH messaging can influence the day-to-day choices of consumers and build positive brand perception.
 Map shows Tokyo B-stop®.   Please contact for other cities.

TARGETED. Premium network in Tokyo

OOH is able to accurately match brand communication with the right audience in the right environment. For luxury shoppers in high-end stores, MCDecaux offers customised networks by selecting the best B-Stop® locations, specifically reaching the target audiences.

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