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The beginnings

October Established MCDecaux as the joint venture between the French OOH advertising group JCDecaux and Mitsubishi corporation


March Thanks to the authorization issued by the MLIT and the National Police Agency, Cityscape™ media become available in Japan. Birth of the first street furniture media Cityscape™ in Okayama.


August Awarded Minister Prize of Economic, Trade and Industry.
October Awarded Good business model design prize from the Japan Institute of Design.
November B-Stop® in Nagoya, Kobe; 3rd and 4th cities.


12月 イオングループ各社と提携。モールスケープ®(大型複合商業施設広告メディアネットワーク)を開始。Japan



June Contracted partnership with Ito Yokado. Mallscape® network now covers the two most important distributors in Japan.
November B-Stop® in Yokohama; 2nd city of Cityscape™.


September B-Stop® in Hiroshima; 5th city.
November B-Stop® in Fukuoka; 6th city.


The expansion

February B-Stop® in Shizuoka; 7th city. 
April B-Stop® in Niigata; 8th city
July B-Stop® in Hamamatsu; 9th city
August B-Stop® in Sapporo; 10th city
September B-Stop® in Toyama; 11th city
October SB-Stop® in Nishinomiya; 12th city
November B-Stop® in Osaka; 13th city. 
December B-Stop® in Fukuyama, Kitakyushu, Asahikawa; 14-16th cities


November Awarded Toyama advertising scenery prize. Awarded Sendai Design Work Award (SDA) Good Design prize


March B-Stop® in Chiba, Saitama; 33-34th cities.
September B-Stop® in Suita; 35th city.
October B-Stop® in Kumamoto; 36th city.


February Awarded Nishinomiya scenery prize.
December B-Stop® in Sakai; 39th city.


February Awared Nagoya city scenary prize.
November Awarded French and Japan Investment prize from the AFII.


March B-Stop® in Wakayama; 17th city.
April B-Stop® in Sendai; 18th city.
May B-Stop® in Gifu; 19th city.
September B-Stop® in Oita, Hakodate, Kurashiki, Nagasaki; 20-23th cities.
October B-Stop® in Takamatsu, Nara, Toyohashi; 24-26th cities.
December B-Stop® in Higashi Osaka, Nagano, Fujisawa, Kawasaki, Yokosuka, Sagamihara; 27-32th cities.


March Awarded Okayama city scenery prize.
April B-Stop® in Kyoto; 37th city.
July Awarded Kitakyushu city scenery prize.
November Awarded Hiroshima city prize. Awarded Saitama city scenery prize.
December B-Stop® in Tokyo; 38th city. Awarded Fukuoka city scenery prize; "Public acknowledgment" category. Awarded Gifu city scenery prize; "Outdoor advertising" category.

2014 - onwards

Transforming deals and acceleration

August City Information Panel in Kagoshima, first in Japan; 40th city.


June B-Stop® in Toei Bus, managed by the bureau of Transportation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
August B-Stop® in Tokyu Bus stations; included in CityscapeTM.
September B-Stop® in Fuji Express bus stations; Minato ward Community bus "Chii Bus" stops included in CityscapeTM.


January Wins a contract of exclusive digital AD of Kansai Airports.


December B-Stop® in Kashiwa; 41th city.


May Assigned as an exclusive operator of bus shelter with ad in Tokyo by Tokyo Transportation Office.
December Win the first contract of digital City Information Panel in Yokohama.


December Started B-Stop® in Odakyu bus stations.

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