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STREET FURNITURE : Providing city beautification

To create a beautiful and convenient townscape while preserving the cities own history and culture brings a lot of joy in the heart of the citizens. High quality, clean and practical street furniture equipment is an important element of a city.

While providing a clean and comfortable space for people waiting for their bus, B-Stop® media (bus shelter equipped with advertising panels) provided by our company matches the city's townscape with its modern design and advertising creative, and warms up heart of the citizens.

B-stop® infrastructure costs are all raised by our own advertising revenues, decreasing the financial burden on local authorities, with an innovative public private partnership method. Already being present in 41 cities in Japan, B-Stop® presents attractive benefits for both citizens and authorities.

PPP: Sustainable business model for all stakeholders

In compliance with public-private partnership principle, MCDecaux offers a Win-Win-Win advertising service for citizens, local authorities and advertisers.


MCDecaux collectively refers to projects that make use of advertisement fee income to the fund for installing/ managing/ maintaining buildings to provide public services without burdens on consumers, local authorities, and business operator as street furniture business. Currently, we offer four formats.

STREET FURNITURE: Type, design and maintenance

In order to enhance the beauty of the Japanese cities, elite architects and designers were chosen to design our media. Special consideration has also been given about ergonomics and urban management.
Street furniture's maintenance has been developed over a long period of time and maintenance tours are regularly carried out.

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