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SHOPPING. Offer an enjoyable moment.

Naturally, advertising has its place in shopping centres and supermarkets, where brands, retailers, and consumers who are ready to buy can meet. We use its systems to help make the shopping experience more appealing: interactive guide screens, digital advertising screens, Wi-Fi hot spots, contextualised messages sent on smartphones (by Beacons), sales events, etc. Everything is designed to enrich the consumer experience, boosting brand visibility and generating additional sales.

In Japan MCDecaux provides a part of services mentioned above.

EXPERTISE. Know - and monetise - your audience.

A large, diverse population who is ready to buy. The public in shopping centres and supermarkets is highly prized by advertisers. We monetise this audience and pays back a portion of the advertising revenue to the sites that house its street furniture. Our campaigns will soon combine digital advertising and reach the public in context, and in real time. We also create our own studies of a site's audience, which we share with our partners.

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