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AESTHETICS. Promoting each site.

Tailored platforms, integration with airport architecture, exhibitions, event spaces and more – MCDecaux can turn an airport into an unbeatable, can’t-miss experience for passengers. We work with the biggest names in design to create exclusive solutions and turn airport advertising into a unique showcase for brands.

SERVICES. Elevating the passenger experience.

We can offer services to air passengers that make their airport experience more comfortable and enjoyable at each stage of their trip: mobile charging stations, passenger information displays, lounge areas, interactive campaigns, Wi-Fi access and so much more. We are constantly innovating. In particular, our digital solutions are always expanding potential airport services and enhancing their international prestige.

FINANCING. A principled, sustainable model.

 Air passengers are a much sought after target for advertisers.  Our economic model allows us to monetise this audience, benefiting airport authorities through a profitable revenue-sharing model.  Furthermore, our global reach and ability to market national and international networks are two key drivers that will maximise advertising revenue per passenger.

SUPPORT. A trusted partner.

JCDecaux group assists airport authorities in more than 35 countries. Our international expertise and local approach combined with our commitment to quality, precision and efficiency have made us a leading partner for the biggest airports.

Abu Dhabi International Airport is the ideal location for innovative and interactive advertising campaigns that enhance the passenger experience and provide high visibility for advertisers and their brands. ADAC believes that with their expertise, their state of the art technology, strategic planning and knowledge of the Middle East market, JCDecaux is the perfect fit to provide a platform for innovative ideas.
Mohammed Al Bulooki Chief Commercial Officer at ADAC

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