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INNOVATION. At the heart of what we do.

For more than 50 years, JCDecaux has been constantly innovating to meet the evolving needs of residents. We offer cities a comprehensive range of street furniture and services, including bus shelters, automated public toilets, mobile charging stations, information panels, self-service bicycles and recycling bins for glass, batteries and paper. Thanks to our R&D activities, we have also become a key player in Smart City solutions. With technology ranging from Wi-Fi hotspots to small cells, beacons and more, smart cities are enhancing daily life for increasing numbers of residents and tourists around the world.

CIP (Multi-function city information panel)

ATTRACTIVENESS. Design and utility.

We are particularly attentive to the way that street furniture fits into its environment. To achieve this, we work with leading designers and insist on the highest standard for the upkeep and maintenance of our facilities. Our street furniture also enhances the branding of cities by offering them a dedicated platform to broadcast information and promote their identity and their events.

FINANCING. Quality first.

Our business model, invented by Jean-Claude Decaux in 1964, is to finance our services through advertising. But not just any advertising: when we invented the 2㎡ format, we proved that effective advertising was not just a matter of scale. Focusing on quality (of the location, street furniture, advertisers, etc.) over quantity proves to be a more effective and sustainable approach. Therefore, we work together with municipalities to select the most advantageous locations that generate maximum value for cities, residents and brands while maintaining the harmony of the urban landscape.

SUPPORT. A trusted partner.

For over 50 years, JCDecaux has supported small towns and major urban centres all around the world. Through our understanding of their concerns and our knowledge of their residents’ needs, we have become much more than the expert in innovative services and outdoor advertising. We are also a trusted partner. Attentive to the needs of cities and aware of the underlying trends, we are in constant dialogue with the countries in which we operate. That means we are able to share best practices all around the world.

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