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City Relations

Discussing with grantors for being able to install our furniture, and provide services to citizens is the role of City Relations department.
Find the appropriate contacts in cities, from administration or politic side, build relationships, propose innovative services, answer public tenders,
and follow up the implementation of the project is the work of this team. 
Needs a good sense of communication and negotiation, a capability to work on long term projects, and a logical thinking.


Build our assets, organize advertising posting, and keep furniture in perfect conditions with regular cleaning and maintenance is the role of Operations dept.
From obtaining the necessary permits (road occupation, etc) from all stakeholders to assigning and following installation companies to build our assets on public land as well as at shopping centers,
to organize and follow up the work of posting and maintenance subcontractors, it requires a good understanding of field works.  


Selling MCDecaux advertising media to advertisers and advertising agencies is the role of sales department.
Highly motivated to reach targets, MCDecaux sales department teams are the ambassadors of our media.
Build the relationships with clients, understand their communication goals, convince them to invest in our media, requires good communication and negotiation skills.


Marketing department support sales in reaching their objectives.
Working closely with sales department to build the right sales presentations and pitches,
organize surveys and data analysis for measuring efficiency of MCDecaux media,
build ad hoc marketing solutions to answer advertisers’ needs/ is the role of marketing department.
Requires capabilities to well mix art and science elements.

Finance and administration

From accounting, to reporting, business analysis, IT, compliance, administration and human resources management,
the Finance and administration team has a large scope of work.
Understanding business through the figures, being hands on with attention to details,
make this team real business partners for other MCDecaux teams.

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