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【Announcement】 JCDecaux DATA SOLUTIONS OOH Planner starts in MCDecaux

The worldwide No.1 OOH company JCDecaux SA has launched, in September 2021, JCDecaux Data Solutions - a portfolio of global and local data-driven solutions that enables advertisers to maximize the power and ROI of their media investment. (refer here for press release)

It consists of three pillars, each of which has multiple solutions to meet various marketing needs. From the solutions, MCDecaux will launch the following two solutions in Q1 by customizing for Japan market: OOH Planner, OOH Measurement .



This is an audience-targeted OOH planning tool. Based on geo-located data, this allows to select the best media assets to maximize a coverage of advertisers’ marketing audience. In addition to demographic segments, such as gender and age groups, a variety of psychographic factors and POIs to define are available. Launched in February 2022. Contact us for more information.



It is a tool to measure contacts of OOH campaign based on geo-located data. Viewable impression, reach and frequency as well as CPM calculation available. By uploading location data for specific venues in advance, drive-to-store of audience who possibly would have viewed the OOH AD can be measured. Will launch after March 2022. More information will come soon.


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