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What kind of business is your company doing?

We're Japanese arm of JCDecaux (France), the largest outdoor ad company.  In Japan we develop outdoor ad media nationwide. Cityscape™ covers 41 cities including top 20 major cities; Mallscape provides recency media on large shopping centers nationwide of Aeon and Ito Yokado.

What is your company doing overseas? Can I buy from Japan?

JCDecaux operates business in 80+ countries worldwide and its domain is as follows;
-Street furniture:  No. 1 in Worldwide
-Billboard: No. 1 in Europe and Asia
-Transit (airport, subway):  No.1 in Worldwide
Yes, you can buy through MCDecaux. Please contact us.

What is Cityscape™ simply?

It is an unique network of large backlit panels at eye level, in city centers with high standard of quality, showcasing the brands. It covers active people in city centers in major 41 cities nationwide.

What is Mallscape® simply?

Mallscape® is a large-sized ad panel to network major shopping centers of AEON and Ito Yokado nationwide. Panels built in multiple locations inside and outside of shopping centers contributes boosting product sales as one of best recency media.

Do you have a fixed period for one purchase? Is it possible to purchase for long term?

Though standard posting period is 2 wks, it is possible to continue posting. In several cities you can purchase a face with annual contract. Please change poster visual once in a few months in this case.
Not available for shorter period than 2 wks.

Can I buy ad panels by shopping center?

Mallscape® is the only media to cover multiple shopping centers nationwide so we recommend to buy a network to enjoy the value best. Selling by a shop is available after a certain period of time.

Can I purchase a specific area in one city?

I'm sorry but we sell in network.  Depending on the area, we have City Voice (annual).

Can I purchase bus stop by bus stop?

Basically 2-week network sales. For specific areas in some cities, we have a single bus shelter sales, named City Voice. Please contact for more information.

Do you have a poster creative examination?

Every new creative should be examined through ad examination committee in MCDecaux and all other stakeholders. The guideline is different by media. Please contact for more information.

What kind of poster creative is effective?

In our survey, people see a poster for about 2 seconds. So simple creative that can convey message in a short time is recommended.  We have a creative guideline based on regulation, insight from analysis of past posting examples, and pre-test system of creative as well. Please contact for more information.

Is it possible to execute a poster with innovative ideas?

Possible innovate ideas depend on media. Any idea should be checked by multiple stakeholders including cities, and store. Please contact us.

Do you have measurement to quantify effects of media?

We have multiple data source for measuring media value, including internal surveys of nationwide and after-action. For comparing values to other media, we also provide customized analysis. Please contact for more information.

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