As informed at MCDecaux media seminar in October 2017,
 we have accelerated installation of new B-Stop® nationwide, focusing in Tokyo. 
For the last 6 months,
 approximately 100 new B-stop® was added to our network in Tokyo, 
and the coverage of the city has been strengthened. 

Tokyo B-Stop® map now & 6 months before

October 2017                 
end March 2018
One example of installations; 4 new B-Stop® around Akasaka Mitsuke.
 With many offices surrounding parks and hotels with green,
 Akasaka Mitsuke has a lot of traffic by businessmen and women and visitors both on weekdays and weekends. 
We installed 4 B-Stop® around the famous intersection, named “Akasaka Mitsuke.” 
One of them is located in Sanoshita where many passengers and drivers cross every day, shown in the photo. 
Best location to catch consumers’ attention to your advertising.
MCDecaux continues to expand its national networks.
Executive on public land, CityscapeTM keeps providing brands a unique exposure in city centres,
 delivering reach and frequency, with perfect quality of locations and furniture. 

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